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Anthony Landale
Welcome. I’m Anthony Landale and on this site you will find out both who I am and, more importantly, how you can grow your leadership fast. I’ve already helped thousands of people to do just that. It’s simple. When you want to step up you just need to get in touch with an ambition, goal or dream. Here are some questions to help you along the way:

•What is the big difference I want to make?

•Who do I most want to work with?

•How urgent is it to get started?

In answering these questions dare to be bold. When you want to make a difference look for something that you care deeply about and feel the spark and energy it immediately gives you when you are in touch with that future.  In terms of who you want to work with just think about those people who lift your spirits or share your values. And as for how urgent it is … well if you are reading about how to step up your leadership then I’d suggest that the time is now.
One final question …. What sort of  help do you need on this journey? Keep that question in mind as you look through these pages and get in touch if you decide that you would like to talk more about personal coaching, team transformation or organisational consultancy.