Business background

Before becoming a full-time consultant and coach I was a Publishing Director and Editor for a range of business magazines and books. I am also the Editor of Leadership Plain & Simple a book that has received more five star reviews than any other business book, ever.

I have a background in training, marketing and consultancy. And I also have coaching, counselling and facilitation qualifications.


Personal background

My personal life provides me with a continuous source of energy and inspiration. I am married to Margaret and have two wonderful daughters, Nina and Bex. Strong, loving and independent-minded women all. 

I live on the edge of the Cotswolds in the Evenlode valley and love rivers, long-distance walking and being part of a vibrant community. You will also typically see me accompanied by a fox red labrador called Saffi.

Much to my delight and amazement I am also a published poet!

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