I write regularly for the business press and the following articles on leadership are free for download:
•Roots Radical: Mo Ibrahim
•The Energetic Leader: Fergie Balfour
• Every leader casts a shadow
You can read more on my LinkedIn page, or in the leadership posts below.




For further reading on leadership try the following

Brene Brown Daring Greatly
Goffee and Jones Why should anyone be led by you? 
Peter Senge Presence
David Whyte The Heart Aroused
Susan Scott Fierce Conversations
Michael Marquardt Leading with Questions
Warren Bennis On Becoming a Leader
Noel Tichy The Leadership Engine
Marcus Buckingham Now discover your Strengths
Crainer & Dearlove Firestarters
Charles Handy The Hungry Spirit
Kouzes & Posner Credibility
Collins & Porras Built to Last
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