I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside leaders, directors and senior managers in many organisations in both the private and public sector – helping them and their people grow, while learning much from them. My thanks to them all including:
Romana Abdin, CEO, Simply Health 
Joakim Andersson, VP, GKN Aerospace
Gill Aitken, Solicitor General, HMRC
Jane Ashcroft, CEO, The Anchor Trust
Kate Barker, Director of Brand, Macmillan Cancer Support
Richard Barley, Director of Horticulture, Kew Gardens
Stephen Beresford, Head of comms, Central England Coop
Sandra Botterell, Director of Marketing, Kew Gardens
Sue Burrows, Director DDLT, E.ON
Peter Bainbridge, Director of Pharmacy, Alliance Boots
Marcus Bryson, MD, GKN
James Burkhardt, VP, GKN Aerospace
Martyn Cheatle, CEO, Central England Coop
John Crackett, MD, E.ON
Rosemary Counsel, FD, Alliance Boots
Paul Dennis, Retail Director, Central England Coop
Hugh Dunn, FD, Edinburgh City Council
Jonathan Fortnam, Partner, Pinsent Masons
Jackie Freeman, FD, Pizza Express
Paddy Gaul, Managing Partner, Weightmans LLP
Emma Guise, Director of Comms, Macmillan Cancer Support
David Grady, FD, Central England Coop
Barry Hughes, Chief Crown Prosecutor, CPS |
Jeff James, CEO and Keeper, The National Archive
Val Johnson, Director, The National Archives
Kevin Stone, Director Health & Safety, Siemens
James Norton, HRD, DIT
Mercia Page, Medical Director, MSD
Roger Maslin, MD, Wembley Stadium
Jill McLaughlin, Director of Corporate resources, Kew Gardens
Mark Merrington, Head of Trading & Property, HMRC
Michelle Miller, Chief Social Work Officer, Edinburgh City Council
Tim Moss, CEO, Companies House
Alan Raymant, COO, Horizon
John Reed, Deputy Director, DfT
Claire Singlehurst, Director of Relational Fundraising, Macmillan Cancer Support
Neil Smith, CEO, E.ON 
Mel Stack, President, Yankee Candle
Fiona Stark, General Counsel, E.ON
Heather Smith, Group Finance Director, Defra
Lucy Sutton, Director, End of Life Care, NHS
Baljit Ubhey, Chief Crown Prosecutor, CPS
John Weir, Director, Unilever


Anthony … thanks for all your input to our leadership day. It was hugely thought provoking, challenging and productive. The feedback from the team has been very positive and we will definitely continue
to practise!
Mike Baker, Director of PT Operations, HMRC
I worked closely with Anthony over several years whilst leading an International zero harm culture change program within Siemens UK&I Energy sector.  Anthony was simply brilliant at helping me be at my best more of the time and in supporting both me, and some members of my extended team, in learning more about the powerful impact of FED which I placed at the heart of my leadership transformation program.  
Anthony is a natural encourager and a truly great coach, able to build and hold great relationships yet foster an environment where you are constantly being stretched to realise the future you aspire
to create.
Kevin Stone, Previous EHS Director, Siemens
Thank you for your fantastic support at our leadership event. Our leaders have been working in a remarkable way both individually and collectively through the most important time in this huge change programme. The “speed of trust” is gathering momentum with every conversation that happens, and the growing relationships in the new teams have underpinned everything we have been doing in approaching this change in a leader led way. Your support, involvement and encouragement in working with the Divisional directors to unlock those powerful conversations has enabled our new leaders to feel confident to engage in the future with their own teams in a remarkable way.
Simon Roberts, Director, Boots
Just a quick note of appreciation of your skilled handling of our FED conference last week. You did an exceptional job facilitating, creating an environment of trust and getting the very best out us.  Based on conversations that I have had since the conference, I believe a number of us are doing things differently in how we interact and engage with our teams and within the organization.  

Steve Markevich, President, GKN Sinter Metals
You have helped me and my team to have huge ambitions and FED has given us the courage and the tool-kit to achieve them. 
Fiona Stark, Director of Corporate Affairs, E-on UK
I’ve come to recognise my work with Anthony as an important part of me being at my best. He has the happy knack of finding the right questions to prompt reflection and action and because he is so personable,  I really enjoy our time together however challenging the discussions.

David Grady, Finance Director, Central England Co-operative
As my coach Anthony asked me searching questions which helped me to focus on what what I was leading for. His insight gave me the impetus to channel my positive energies into things that matter to me and society, so I deliver improved value for customers and shareholders in the company I
work for.
Andrew Roper, Distribution System Operations Director, SSE
Working in partnership with Anthony over the last 2 years has been a real pleasure. His exceptional knowledge around what supports leaders has helped our organisation greatly. Anthony has worked with us to create not only leadership momentum but also to introduce a new language around leadership and impact. As a result our workforce have been able to achieve some incredible outcomes as they align their vision, energy, and passions
Mark Patterson – National Lead, OD, PHE
I’ve come to recognise my work with Anthony as an important part of me being at my best. He has the happy knack of finding the right questions to prompt reflection and action and because he is so personable I really enjoy our time together however challenging the discussions!
David Grady, Finance Director, Central England Cooperative
It was great to see you yesterday. You make it all look very easy.  The feedback from yesterday is extraordinary. “Long overdue“, “A lot of it needed saying“, “I came away reassured that we’re on the right track“, “We need that chill out space where we can reflect on what we’re doing“, ” We’re working well on billaterals but I now feel we need to work the same way as a team”. So nice job!  
Jim O’Sullivan, Managing Director Edinburgh Airport
Dear Anthony
I have received some very positive feedback from the leadership workshop you ran …
“Just a quick line to say thank you for the Leadership course. Duly attended and loved every minute. It is the first course that I have ever attended where I didn’t spend the day looking at the clock every 10 minutes”
and …. “I thought that the whole day was stimulating, engaging and thought provoking. Anthony is amazing. I came out feeling energised and enthusiastic. I’d like to bottle that feeling for days!” Keep up the good work!
Paddy Gaul, Managing Partner, Weightmans
I thought I’d pass on some feedback about how much people enjoyed and got out of the day. This included your excellent input and facilitation so keep up whatever it is that you are doing because it’s working for us!
 Linda Graves, Head of Learning & Development, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Anthony has helped me and my team unlock some of the mysteries of leadership in a very simple and practical way. He has shown me the power of the personal aspect of leadership and given me the confidence to show it more strongly as a means of engaging others.
Alan Raymant, Chief Operating Officer, Horizon
Anthony is calm, warm and wise, and his coaching is both incisive and supportive. He is encouraging and enabling and is helping me be the best and most authentic leader I can be.
Sandra Botterell, Marketing & Commercial Director, RBG Kew
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