A brilliant leadership approach

Much of my leadership work happens inside the brilliant Future, Engage, Deliver framework. In brief leaders are guided by a Future they want. What does this mean? It’s about vision and mission and knowing what you are trying to pull off. It’s about being clear on who you need to be in order to make this future happen and it means being passionately committed to it. It also means knowing what tangible results you want to see being delivered.
Leaders then Engage other people so that they want this future too. To be effective at engaging others you need to be able to build big relationships and actively manage your impact. You also need to be able to enrol people in inspiring projects and endeavours so that they pursue their ambitions with energy and conviction.
And then of course leaders Deliver – through others.  This includes you making big requests and having big conversations which ignite the challenge and urgency in the people and teams you lead. It also means you committing to your people so that they feel supported and challenged in their projects and you finding a way to help people bring their best to make results happen.
You can find out more by reading 
Leadership Plain and Simple
Author: Steve Radcliffe

Editor: Anthony Landale

Find out more at www.futureengagedeliver.com
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