Leadership Coaching

One-to-one breakthroughs

In my coaching assignments I work with directors, heads of department and senior executives on how they can bring their leadership much more powerfully to teams, to projects, to clients and to anywhere else in their life where they are looking for a better result. I help people look at …
•The future. This will typically involve enquiring with clients into the purpose and ambition they have as well as looking at how to set a vision that inspires others.
•How to engage. In this area I work with clients on how to build bigger relationships, how to make more impact and how to ensure people work together, in partnership, towards the desired future
•Ensuring delivery happens. My work here focuses both on helping people identify the opportunities that are always available and making a difference in areas that matter.  It also focuses on helping leaders grow the leadership of their colleagues so that they can deliver more too. 
As one of my clients, Kay Croot, Commercial Director at Boots said: 
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