Leadership Consultancy & Development

How big a shift do you want?

My leadership consultancy focuses on helping people to make breakthroughs.  These are breakthroughs in thinking, in behavior and in belief. Breakthroughs in relationships and in possibility. And definitely breakthroughs in performance and results. The clients I work with frequently say the work I do with them makes a deep and sustainable change. In that sense it’s not about incremental improvement; it’s about transformation.

For example in GKN we are helping leaders with the ambition to be ‘the best engineering company in the world’. At The Department of Work and Pensions we are helping them with their purpose ‘to help people lift themselves out of poverty and stay out of poverty’.  At Eon it has been to help the company deliver its ‘changing energy’ agenda.

So are you, your team or your colleagues in need of a breakthrough?  Here are some short case studies to show you what can happen when you bring attention to leadership development.
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